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Whole Child is not another program, but a philosophy that uses strategic planning, web-based technology, performance measurement and broad-based community engagement to build communities where everyone works together to make sure children thrive.

Individually, many agencies and organizations serve one dimension of children’s well-being, from immunizations to educational programs. Embracing the idea that we must nurture the Whole Child requires the entire community working together. A child who is fully immunized but spends the day without stimulating educational experiences will not realize his full potential. Similarly, a child who has quality child care, but an unsafe home environment may never become all she could be. Ultimately, our community needs to fully nurture the treasure that is our children.

At Whole Child, we view services and programs as a continuum of care, not as isolated services. It’s this holistic approach to addressing care that makes all the difference in achieving positive outcomes.

The Whole Child philosophy is grounded in the notion that communities must address all six dimensions of children’s well being to raise healthy children:

•    Physical and Mental Health
•    Quality Education
•    Social-Emotional Development
•    Spiritual Foundation and Strength
•    Safe and Nurturing Environment
•    Economic Stability


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