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Valued Visits 

In 2001, the Junior League of Indian River began a partnership with the Exchange Club CASTLE and developed the Valued Visits Program to help provide children a safe and nuturing environment to visit their non-custodial parent(s).  This court-ordered program provides a safe haven for children to meet with non-custodial parents who are allowed to see their children only in a supervised setting.  Supervised visits are mandated by the courts for a variety of reasons including: foster care placement following abuse/neglect allegations, domestic violence injunction issued against one parent, substance and/or emotional abuse and threat of kidnapping.

 From 2001 to 2006, the Junior League of Indian River provided financial support and trained volunteers to supplement the staffing needs of the visitation center.  As is a fundamental part of Junior League's role in improving the community, it is a goal for projects and programs to become either self-supporting or be taken under the umbrella of another organization.  In 2006, the Valued Visits Program was handed over to the Exchange Club CASTLE on a permanent basis.  The Sustainers of the Junior League of Indian River continue to support this valuable program.  This year's Luncheon's with a Heart donated $1415 to the Valued Visit's Program.

 For more information on the Valued Visits Program, please visit the Exchange Club CASTLE's website.